Funktion One Resolution 2

€ 45,00
Exclusief BTW € 54,45 Inclusief BTW


1 x Funktion one Res 2
1 x Wheelboard
Funktion one resolution 2
Funktion One Res2

Als monitor (zie monitor sets) of als topspeaker te gebruiken in combinatie met de Funktion one F218 mk2

•Full range, stand alone enclosure
•Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
•Three-way bi-amped (passive HF)
•Funktion One designed drivers
•Complete range of flying and mounting options
•Fitted with M10 flypoints
•Optional Wheelboard
•Optional scrim for discrete appearance
•R2S8, R2SH and R2EH mid/mid-high versions also available
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top-x-slider Nee
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