DMT LS-120 Videoprocessor voor pixelscreen

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1 x DMT LS-120 Video Processor
DMT LS-120 Videoprocessor voor pixelscreen

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The LS-120 is the most basic LED Video Processor, which support 2 composite (CVBS), 1 VGA (RGBHV), 1 DVI (compatible with HDMI 1.3) and USB Media input. The LS-120 can handle full HD1080p resolution input and output, with built in broadcasting quality motion adaptive de-interlace engine, true color reconstruction and dynamic range adjustment technology to fulfill high quality pixel based scale. Due to the USB input and 7x24 yearly schedule function the LS-120 is ideal for fixed install advertisment and mobile advertisment applications.

Sendercard Type: 801
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 25 W

2 x Composite BNC PAL/NTSC; 480i,576i
1 x S-Video DIN 4 PAL/NTSC; 480i,576i
1 x DVI SMPTE: 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC, 625/50p PAL, 525/59.94p, NTSC:1080i50,1080i59.94/60,720p50,720p59.94/60,
VESA: 800x600x60Hz, 1024x768x60Hz, 1280x768x60Hz,1280x1024x60Hz, 1600x1200x60Hz, 1920x1080x60Hz,1920x1080x50Hz
1 x VGA DB15 VGA-UXGA, 1024x768x60, 800x600x60, 640x480x60
4 x USB

2 x DVI VESA: 800x600x60Hz, 800x600x75Hz, 1024x768x60Hz, 1024x768x75Hz, 1280x1024x60Hz, 1920x1080Px60Hz, 2560x816x60Hz

Control: RS-232, USB TCP/IP
Source Switch: support every signal alpha key operation
PIP: PIP for SD with HD and HD with HD
AV Sync: supported
Working Environment: 0°C~45°C
Humidity: 10% to 90%
Dimensions: 480 x 268 x 145
Weight: 2,56 kg
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